How do you find the authors purpose for writing?

it's approaching the reason the author wrotew the story...inform,entertain,persuade, and etc.... Source(s):…
haha funny you should utter, i just got a good impression about an hour ago ahh the subway is a wonderful thing..
anyway im not really an author but, you cant find your just...know it...its concrete to explain, kinda like a...talent or a feeling gahh! im lost now :P
you dont find it you consistency it
Authors purpose is to pee:
P= Persuade
E= Enlighten
E= Entertain
E= Explain
If you are asking as a writer, then its something that just comes naturally to a writer. There are abundant reasons... entertainment, need to explain something or pure escapism. Inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. It's a need, a desire as essential as air itself. I like to call it 'soul singing' because its such a release when I'm writing and when I involve to write I get an unexplainable buzz. Soul singing is the best description I've ever been able to find.

If your asking from a more academic stand point like looking at a particular book and asking what the author's purpose was. Sometimes its as simple as entertainment other times they are exploring a convinced situation, idea, moral etc. In which case you need to look at the writing. The idea's expressed, the problems the individuality has to deal with and what is cause those problems. The characters attitudes, personalities, beliefs. Sometimes a stories meaning is very subtle other times it will be within you face.

I write both stories for pure entertainment/escapism and ones that have a more subtle look at human nature. I'm currently looking at how general public deal with a difficult events and how even the smallest/simplest person can be a hero if put within the right situation. My purpose in writing this story is both my own fascination with human personality and the let people know that no matter how small we touch at times, we all have strength in us.

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